Why Yajna

A billion people and a trillion dollar opportunity

"We dream big and move fast" dreams leads to opportunities which inspires creativity and breakthroughs, hard work and dedication ensures success and creates value which in turn create further opportunities and this chain effect ensures a long lasting mutually beneficial partnership...

We can navigate the maze of local, cultural, legal, logistical and Bureaucratic blocks and open the gates of opportunities and accomplishments..."simply put we can get the job done"

We value trust, entrepreneurial spirit and most importantly our professional commitments and we can guarantee the best value for your time and money invested in our services and collaborations.


"Even one is engaged in the work but by My grace he will ultimately realize Me".
Shri Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita ( 18:51-56 )

Solar Guidelines

The Yajna Power Advantage

Ultimate Flaxbility

whatever the size of the project we deliver 100% results to your satisfaction, end to end services and solutions from projects conception to execution…


What Fuels us?

We Deliver Results...